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Brown's gas and LENR both eliminate nuclear waste. Here is a film where former NY Assemblyman Dan Haley witnesses and confirms how Brown's gas can transmute radioactive waste.
 Solutions Regarding Fukushima 
On this page you will find a compilation of tech ideas and solutions to counteract the ever-growing Fukushima disaster.
Several technologies exist that can eliminate radioactive waste. Our future generations deserve a world free of total nuclear destruction.
 Paul Brown invented technology that turns radioactive waste into free energy. One battery the size of a waste basket would power two homes for a hundred years, in a process that eliminates the radiation.

Further Information

Depleted uranium is nuclear waste and is sold to be placed in bullets, etc. For those who are paranoid that it is a conscious eugenics program, remember they put it in our own tanks exposing our own men to it. Greed is what is going on and the determination by the chemical industries to sell anything , even waste as a new product. That is how and why flouride was added to water, it was a waste product in aluminum production. Greed does not concern itself with consequence. Nuclear waste is not being eliminated because it is seen as a commodity. Here is an example of greed:     


Patent US8485791 - Ceramic element 

A new type of nuclear reactor burns up nuclear waste:

Scientists at the Institute of Catalysis, led by Professor Zemfir, have developed a device that neutralizes radioactive waste through flame-free incineration in a catalyzer. Capable of incinerating 50 metric tons of waste annually, the device was installed at the Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrate Plant. According to A. Kostin, the factory's deputy technical director, "the device is based on a catalytic converter that provides low temperatures for the oxidation process," thus reducing the amount of nitrous oxides produced. Experiments have confirmed the method's efficiency and environmental safety. 

("Vesti" newscast, Russian Television Network, 31 March 1998; in "Russian Factory Finds New Method To Destroy Nuclear Waste," FBIS-SOV-98-090, 31 March 1998) 

A Cool Solution to Waste Disposal

Lord Rutherford reported on April 28, 1932 at a meeting of the Royal Society, that J.D. Crockcroft and E T.S. Watson in the Cavendish Laboratory had successfully demonstrated the accelerated release of radioactive energy from lithium elements and other light elements. (Geer)
Segre and Wiegart established decay rate mutability in 1949. (Geer)
Cecil Baumgartner, in 1964, demonstrated that decay rates could be increased in a positive voltage field at critical temperatures to where all radioactive emissions were complete in nanoseconds. (Benedict) 

Explanations by top scientists on how the rate of decay may be sped up: http://zpenergy.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article... 

Israel did it also: With the help of Russian scientists, Israeli firm Environmental Energy Resources, has taken the laws of science and turned them into a useful invention for mankind - a reactor that converts radioactive, hazardous and municipal waste into inert byproducts such as glass and clean energy. (Israel21c; Mar. 18, 2007) (Thanks TreeHugger'') 

Areva plans to add newly developed technology to its Richland plant to remove valuable enriched uranium from waste produced there and from waste shipped from other nuclear producers to the plant. 


Patience Pays Off With Methanol For Uranium Bioremediation

E.Coli Cleans Up Nuclear Waste Cheaply, Efficiently 

George Wiseman explains how Brown's Gas can be used to accelerate the nuclear decay process to happen in seconds instead of millennia, by mixing the radioactive material with equal quantities of iron and aluminum, and heating the whole mixture to liquid using a BG flame until it explodes, making thermite -- a process that might be feasible for neutralizing CONCENTRATED nuclear waste, like spent fuel rods.

Here is a list of 27 techs: 
1. Theory of an anti-proton source and/or anti-neutron source; Gordon Ziegler.
2. Reversal of the order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics; Gordon Ziegler
(Both of Ziegler’s methods require large, high-energy linear accelerator facilities. For 50 million dollars all aging, disease, and decay processes could be reversed in a one-mile radius)
3. Patent on special large containers that have fins. These are put on container ships and sunk 200 feet into the mud at the bottom of the deepest ocean trenches; Dr. M.
4. $50,000 grant from the Canadian Gov. to neutralize radioactive waste using an esoteric technology; Dr. Andrew Michrowski.
5. Patent that describes a relatively inexpensive way of getting rid of radioactive material (or anything, for that matter) forever; Purdue University professor.
6. The Hawkings’ generator uses simple car battery-powered apparatus to generate a 6 to 8-inch long white spark of cold electricity 4 inches in diameter between two brass balls. Substances inserted in the spark reportedly have been observed to sometimes transmute to heavier elements; Ken Hawkings. 
7. Collective ion acceleration method has been designed and developed to the point of bench testing in the laboratory. The collective ion accelerator is completely documented, has been submitted to the Department of Energy, and is ready for full laboratory testing, prototype construction and testing. Development phases II and III each needs $2.5 million. Phase IV would involve on-site field testing of a transportable system suitable for remediation of radioactive emissions in both liquid and solid wastes; Salt Lake City, Utah research group led by Chinese plasma physicist Dr. Shang Xian Jin.
8. Simple deep underground burial, e.g., Yucca Mountain, Nevada; U.S. Government.
9. Dematerialization device A using highest powered positive ions ever; Mike Hanson.
10. Dematerialization device B using highest powered positive ions ever; Mike Hanson.
11. Dematerialization device C using highest powered positive ions ever; Mike Hanson.
12. Dematerialization device D using highest powered positive ions ever; Mike Hanson.
(Hanson’s dematerialization devices transmute any waste into its lowest possible harmless
form by passing it through a dematerialization spherical boundary – an extremely active boson field kinetics area of plasmatic surface tension/extreme heat.)
13. Photo-deactivation using gamma rays; Dr. Paul Brown.
14. Implosion machine is an electric arc welder which is modified to duplicate nature’s ball lightning; Sonne Ward.
15. Roy transmutation process.
16. According to inventor John Schnurer, Barker’s patented method is the easiest, most effective, and least messy method for remediation of radioactive waste. It is dry and reproducible. One shot of only minor energy is required, and then the process self runs. The equipment is simple, off-the-shelf, inexpensive and requires no special skill.
17. Dr. Ronald Gillembardo’s method of neutralizing waste. He showed it to the Czechoslovakian government which had been digging their own version of Yucca Mountain, and they stopped digging.
18. Keller catalytic process which is also known as "volcano in a can"; Keller.
19. Transmutation of low-level nuclear waste into a glassy substance by running a super high voltage through it; unknown.
20. 96% reduction of radioactivity by welding with Brown’s gas; further reduction is possible by utilizing liquefied Brown’s gas; Yul Brown.
21. Combining Brown’s gas with bucking magnetic fields inside a plasma ball; Hans Becker.
22. Joe Champion’s transmutation method.
23. Searl effect generator-powered anti-gravity spacecraft for one-way trip out of solar system; John Searl.
24. Gravito-magnetic device-powered anti-gravity spacecraft for one-way trip out of solar system; David Hamel.
25. Anti-gravity spacecraft for one-way trip out of solar system; David Burns.
26. Russian process that uses liquid lead bismuth to trigger transforming in the form of neutrons; Anthony Hechanova.
27. Accelerator-driven Transmutation of Waste (ATW) as recently described by Denis E. Beller, Ph.D., of University of Nevada-Las Vegas and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Friend and email correspondent Andrew Michrowski, Ph.D., emailed two reports. Dr. Michrowski is with The Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc. (in French La Société planétaire pour l'assainissement de l'énergie, inc), 100 Bronson Avenue / Suite 1001, OTTAWA, Ontario K1R 6G8 (613) 236-6265 fax: (613) 235-5876 pacenet@canada.com http://pacenet.homestead.com

One report is a copy of Bill C-27 submitted to Canada’s Standing Senate Committee on I have compared these nine methods with my list of 27. Some methods in the Canadian list of nine would be additions to my list. The Brown’s gas-metal matrix process seems different from the two versions of Brown’s gas in my list. I have “96% reduction of radioactivity by welding with Brown’s gas; further reduction is possible by utilizing liquefied Brown’s gas; Yul Brown”, and “combining Brown’s gas with bucking magnetic fields inside a plasma ball; Hans Becker”.

My list does not include the ZIPP fusion process, RIPPLE fission, Kervran reactions, Monti process, and higher group symmetry electrodynamics. 

Now lets look at Paul Brown: He eliminated nuclear waste with a "battery" the size of a waste can that could power two homes.

Now lets move to another inventor....The US Navy: 

What has yet to be appreciated is that a composition of matter can be made based on an a priori radioactive material, where the composition, when properly formulated, experiences an increased the radioactive emission rate under proper conditions. Such compositions of matter have value across many fields include semiconductor development, medicine, energy production, or other areas where greater control over radioactive emission would be beneficial.

Thus, there is still a need for compositions that have controllable emissions rates.

The inventive subject matter includes a composition of matter and methods of producing a composition of matter, where the composition has an adjustable emission rate. In one aspect of the inventive subject matter, a composition comprises metallic ions and a radioactive material disposed in a ceramic matrix. The composition has a first natural emission rate when unexposed to Hydrogen. When the composition is exposed to a hydrogen isotope, preferably in gaseous form, the composition's emission rate increases.

Ceramic element US 8485791 B2 - LENR Patent ranted

(THIS LENR patented device is hardened for high temperatures and nuclear wastes - Dennis Cravens)

One aspect of the inventive subject matter includes a solid state matrix, preferably comprising a ceramic material, forming a main body of a heating element. In a preferred embodiment, the material composing the main body is porous with respect to a fuel compound. Preferred fuel compounds are susceptible to a driving field, preferably an electro-magnetic driving field. For example, a fuel compound could be ionized or polarized. A driving field would then cause the fuel compound to move. The main body preferably includes one or more control points configured to generate a driving field capable of moving the fuel compound within the main body of the element. Furthermore, the material composing the main body can include one or more dopants.

Without being limited to one or more theories, it is thought that the interaction between the fuel compound and the dopants generate heat. The heat generated can be increased by causing the fuel to move within the main body under the influence of the driving fields. It is also thought that the fuel would be consumed through the interactions resulting in a waste material that could be removed. It is contemplated that the waste material could be of value as well.

The inventive aspects of the subject matter include apparatus and methods for modulation of the energy, physical features providing for an increase in the rate of energy release, optimization of materials for quantity and efficiency of heat release and provision for fueling and maintenance. Preferably the energy released is in the form of heat. The inventive subject matter is also considered to include controlling or otherwise managing production of waste material.

FIG. 1 presents element 100 in the form of a torus having single constriction region 130. One should also appreciate that element 100 could have different geometries to fit a target application. For example, main body 110 could form a rod, block, grate, or other geometries. It is also contemplated that multiple elements 100 can be combined to form a larger heating element system, possibly in a two dimensional array or a three dimensional array.

In a preferred embodiment, main body 110 comprises Zirconium Oxide, oxides of Barium and Cerium, or other materials capable of allowing a fuel compound to move through the material. Main body 110 is preferably configured to withstand high temperatures greater than 500 degrees Celsius without substantial degradation, more preferably greater than 1000 degrees Celsius, and yet more preferably greater than 2000 degree Celsius. For example, a ceramic comprising Zirconium Oxide can support operating temperatures greater than 2400 degrees Celsius.

Preferred dopants can include Palladium, Nickel, Thorium or other metallic compounds or alloys. Preferred fuels comprise Hydrogen, Deuterium or other isotopes of hydrogen that can be at least partially ionized or polarized. It is contemplated that other fuels could be used in conjunction with the same or different dopants, as well as the same or different material used the main body.

Method and apparatus for generating and utilizing a compound ...
www.google.com/patents/US4023065 Grant - Filed Oct 24, 1973 - Issued May 10, 1977 - Paul M. Koloc ... Aug 30, 2011, Mar 8, 2012, Brown-Cravens-Taylor, Ceramic element. *

Confinement of high temperature plasmas
Grant - Filed Oct 18, 1974 - Issued Nov 25, 1980 - Robert W. Bass - Brigham Young University ... Aug 31, 2010, Dec 8, 2011, Brown-Cravens-Taylor, Ceramic Element ... Aug 30, 2011, Mar 8, 2012, Brown-Cravens-Taylor, Ceramic element ...

High efficiency thermoelectric generator for the direct conversion ...
www.google.com/patents/US4039352 Grant - Filed Dec 10, 1973 - Issued Aug 2, 1977 - Matei Marinescu - Institutul de Cercetaro Energetice Industriale si Proictari Utilaje Energetice ... Aug 31, 2010, Dec 8, 2011, Brown-Cravens-Taylor, Ceramic Element.

Solid oxide fuel cell structures
www.google.com/patents/US5827620 Grant - Filed Nov 24, 1995 - Issued Oct 27, 1998 - Kevin Kendall - Keele University ... Aug 31, 2010, Dec 8, 2011, Brown-Cravens-Taylor, Ceramic Element.

Diamagnetic colloid pumps www.google.com/p

Porous electrode, solid oxide fuel cell, and method of producing ...
www.google.com/patents/US20040166380 App. - Filed Feb 21, 2003 - Raymond J. Gorte ... Aug 31, 2010, Dec 8, 2011, Brown-Cravens-Taylor, Ceramic Element.

Spherical fusion reactor and method for maintaining or initiating ...
www.google.com/patents/EP1785999A1?cl=en App. - Filed Nov 8, 2006 - Published May 16, 2007 - K. Alexander Müller - K. Alexander Müller ... Aug 30, 2011, Mar 8, 2012, Brown-Cravens-Taylor, Ceramic element. *

Zirconia Ceramic
www.google.com/patents/US20070179041 App. - Filed Feb 28, 2007 - Michihito Muroi - Advanced Nanotechnology Limited
... Aug 31, 2010, Dec 8, 2011, Brown-Cravens-Taylor, Ceramic Element. *

Porous Ceramic Materials
App. - Filed May 2, 2008 - Tao T. Tao - CellTech Power LLC
... Aug 31, 2010, Dec 8, 2011, Brown-Cravens-Taylor, Ceramic Element. * Cited by examiner. Classifications. U.S. Classification ...
Overview - Related - Discuss

Container for reprocessing and permanent storage of spent nuclear ...
www.google.com/patents/US5098645 Grant - Filed Mar 6, 1991 - Issued Mar 24, 1992 - Charles W. Forsberg - The United States of America as represented by the United States Department of Energy ... Dec 14, 2010, Nov 6, 2012, Brown-Cravens-Taylor, Enhanced alpha particle emitter.

  It is clear that the remediation of nuclear waste is not only possible but 
  has already been done. Inventors and scientists, working with The Free  
​  Energy Party, are developing devices that not only do not need cleaing up 
​  after, they will eliminate the power bill on your home, and have enough 
​  leftover power to sell back to the power companies.  Oil, gas, coal and 
​  nuclear energy will swiftly become a thing of the past.

Preparing court cases to sue monopolies for collusion
 and ecocide at the same time that you are building a
political party takes a great deal of time and effort. 
Should you feel compelled to join us in this quest, 
please feel free to donate in any amount you feel our 
goals match the vision of the future you see for youself 
and your own family. 

We thank you for all support!

 After Hiroshima, some of the passengers aboard the "Lucky Dragon"
 fishing boat within fallout range died when radioactive particles landed
 on them, like dust, and they did not brush themselves off. However, the
 fishermen that dusted or washed themselves off did not die. Why?
 Momentary contact with fallout will not hurt you. It must be ingested, or
 have extended contact with you, in order to do it's damage.
 Radioactive particles no longer contaminate water, once they are removed.

 Only the particles themselves are deadly. This is why your donation will  
 help FILTER all radioactive water before dumping it into the ocean. All of
 the filters can be neutralized using the methods below. Help
 the Free Energy Party demonstrate these methods to the world!
LENR  (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction)
Transmutes Radioactive Waste with no
radiation leftover. Please see PDF to the right...
 Rex Research link to a list of leading methods to Remediate Nuclear Waste
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