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We are asking loyal Democrats and Republicans to boycott their parties in 2016 and vote for  the FEP. This is the only hope for saving your party for the future, possibly even the US, as we know it. The FEP is the first party in history supporting what what people want and demand. A landslide election in 2016 is vital to remove the for sale sign in Washington. Do you believe politicians should be for sale? NO! This party stands up for FREEDOM in the marketplace. Fascism is the illegal marriage between Monopolies and government, clearly collusion and racketeering under the RICO act and is illegal in this great country. 

Help us change history together. Donate to the FEP campaign fund now.  
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Judge Andrew Napolitano "What if"
  • American Duality sung and produced by Dave Parker.  A remake of Elvis Presley's American Trilogy with a message against Monsanto 
The FEP What If speech , part 1
The FEP What If speech , part 2
The FEP What If speech , part 3
  • FEP Candidate shows a large truck running on a half and half mixture of vaporized gasoline and water. He says the American Public deserve a President that brings 100 mpg technology forward not a President that helps suppress it.
Donate to the Free Energy Party campaign to help our lawsuit, using the Rico Act, to stop collusion and racketeering between Monopoly and Government! Help elect the party that is not for sale!

We do not believe in a President as an emperor or a personality cult leader, controlled by the monopolies. Instead, a vote for the FEP is a vote to end monopoly. It is a vote for a business opportunity for every American to have a free energy power generator in their home, providing free power and allowing the excess to be sold back up the grid. Vote to reverse and decentralize the grid. Power TO the People will become a reality by way of Power FROM the People. The FEP will begin to Reverse the Grid in 2016.

We actively seek out all candidates who embrace this platform.

  • FEP Candidate in a clip about throwing the 
  • Political Sell Outs out of the White House
Registered with the Federal Election Commision ​
The Free Energy Party

We are ushering in a world of: 
Free Energy - Cures for Diseases - Organic Permaculture
The 3rd party option offering the platform necessary to save America from its rapid downhill slide. The two  party system has been bought out by the monopolies.

A worldwide grassroots movement  demanding the FEP Tripod. Our Facebook group has administrators from The US, UK, Canada, Croatia, The Netherlands, The Phillipines and India, all working toward a common goal of freedom for humanity. 
You can run as President!
HomeAboutFree Energy CuresPermacultureFEP Political PositionsFixing FukushimaFundraisingPartners